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Welcome to Elevation Gateway

We help schools and nonprofits offer ethical AI tools to elevate underrepresented and low-income college applicants

The Admissions Process Faces
Two Pressing Challenges

Inequitable access to admissions consulting for underrepresented and low-income applicants

The proliferation of artificial intelligence and its potential misuse in writing application essays

The Solution: Responsible AI for Essay Insights

Our state-of-the-art tools help applicants brainstorm ways to start and improve their admissions essays. We harnesses the good of artificial intelligence (e.g., helping applicants “show not tell”) while preventing its misuse (e.g., writing portions of an essay) through ethical guardrails. Our platform's insights also empower underrepresented applicants to depict how their unique identities and experiences shape their motivation in light of the 2023 SCOTUS ruling.

 Brainstorming "buddy" and narrative development to help

applicants get started

Essay review to improve writing and avoid

common pitfalls

Highly individualized insights to

help applicants to showcase what makes them unique


Our Mission

Elevation Gateway was founded at Yale with a simple but ambitious mission: To make admissions consulting accessible to everyone—regardless of their ability to pay.

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Our Team

Our concept has been so compelling that it has caught the attention of a global Yale network across industries who wanted to join our team.


Brendan, CEO

MD-PhD candidate at Yale

Leader of $120K NIH AI research grant

Previous startup founder

Raimundo, Technical

PhD candidate at Yale

Previously MIT

Technical expert

Dumebi, Partnerships

MD candidate at Yale

Previously leadership roles

at access non-profits

Jillian, Customer Development

EdD candidate at Vanderbilt

District-level Education Coordinator

High School Principal

Shane, Operations

MAM Yale

MBA Capetown

Extensive startup experience

Kris, GTM Advisor

Rice MBA

Director of Product Marketing and

EdTech consultant


Cassandra, Curriculum Advisor

MEd DePaul, MBA Candidate Kellogg

Founding Director, Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools

Shon, Customer Advisor


Manager of Strategic Partnerships,

Indianapolis Public Schools

Jazib, Product Advisor

MEd Harvard, BS Stanford

COO, Tintash (global dev. studio)
Adjunct Professor, Lahore University

Our Origins Story

Elevation Gateway was founded by Brendan Adkinson, an MD and PhD candidate at the Yale School of Medicine. Brendan is from a blue-collar region in rural Ohio. Rural students are severely underrepresented in academia, science, and medicine, making issues of access important to him. Brendan previously led an award-winning social enterprise focused on helping underrepresented medical school applicants. Brendan's research includes a strong focus on AI ethics. He has received multiple grants including $120,000 from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

Our Supporters

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